It is not the river that flows, but the water.
Not the years that go by, but ourselves.
– French poet, Hervé Bazin

For all the complaining I have done regarding not having enough time I seem to crave not an excess of time but the scarcity of it. Social media has not made it easy to find a way out of this dilemma. I have spent the summer praying whether I would continue blogging. It has taken time to figure it out but I am done trying to squeeze in more. The summer break I took from news and social media was great. I have even stopped thinking about how I will tweet about what I am experiencing.

If it ever becomes my duty I will write more in the future. I know, without a doubt, that I am forever done tweeting (after this post automatically tweets) and I am done with status updates on Facebook, unless the Cowboys put together a decent season.

I have enjoyed creating and writing Scolé. Thank you for reading and to all who are followers of the blog.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. James


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8 responses to “Time

  1. Maarit

    Thank you, thank you for sharing. May God bless you in all your life now and unto ages of ages.

  2. Father Bless,

    All I can say is that I will miss your thoughts and insights, they helped me enormously in my journey. You remain always in my prayers.


  3. Joan Litman

    Blessings to you, Abouna James.

    Okay— it looks like you really are not continuing the blog on a regular basis. I too will miss the “thoughts and insights” (thanks, Richard) but appreciate the need to simplify….
    May all decisions, great and small, draw us closer to Jesus Christ.
    with gratitude,


  4. Benedict M, Houston TX

    Father, bless.

    There is an interesting documentary available at http://www.hulu.com under the title “Disconnected” and summarized as:

    How long could you go without a computer? Three Carleton College students take on the challenge of giving up their computers to see how their academic, social, and work lives are affected.

    Many years!

  5. Mark

    Father bless;
    I believe all your time an dealings here in “cyberspace’ was time well spent. May God Bless you and your family as you find a new desert in life to search out.

    Blessings always-

  6. Robert Joost

    Father BLESS,

    I pray that you will continue to use this blog, Schole, to post what it is that you want to post at any point. I follow your post. I am following you regarding Facebook and other media. However, this blog from you is very important to me; to hear whatever you are willing to share.

    I hope you don’t measure my faith and dedication based on how often you see me — and it is my deepest prayer for my family to grow together and become a family in the Church, God willing. I beg you please to continue posting on this blog. I won’t start the “excuse cycle”. I work in software and am oncall 24×7 with repercussions if I am not available; so I am blessed with the opportunity to read blogs between “stuff” I am working on. Besides my readings of “books” ( you’re in your 40’s so you understand that ;-)) Your blog, along with the pravmir site and a couple other sites, HELP me.

    In Christ’s Love,

  7. How slow am I. I just came here now because I realized how silent you have been. Well, yes, now I confirm that you certainly have!

    I have missed your thoughts and comments and interactions, but, perhaps you will never see this response.

    I respect your decision, and/or direction that you have received. But I will still miss you.

  8. John

    I too desire the peace of not hearing-seeing any media at this point in my life. I just want silence to find my way in this life. I have been thinking like this for many years. I hope to find meaning in this life that feels real. Really not sure what I am searching for but I hope to find peace. Its funny that I am on the computer to help my search. I wish you peace with your way.

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