Lazarus Saturday Baptisms and Chrismations

We had a bumper crop of converts yesterday. 6 baptisms and 10 chrismations! Enjoy these great pictures!



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4 responses to “Lazarus Saturday Baptisms and Chrismations

  1. Greetings Fr. James,

    Christ is risen! I “stumbled” across your blogsite this morning, and wound up viewing the photos from Lazarus Saturday. What joy fills my heart to see the Kingdom being increased in your parish! I have similar experiences in recent years in our parish in Indianapolis, and I just had to send this note to share in your rejoicing. May God continue to grow your parish and lead you and your flock into the depths of the Eternal Mystery.

    Truly he is risen!
    Fr. David Wey
    Pastor, Ss. Constantine & Elena Church (ROEA/OCA)

    • Fr. James Coles

      Indeed, He is Risen!
      Thanks for stumbling by and your kind words. May God grant you and your congregation all the blessings of the Feast!
      yours in the Risen Christ,
      Fr. James

  2. CG

    I can see only one picture: where are the others?

    • Fr. James Coles

      That picture is the link to the other pictures. Click the picture.
      Blessings of the Risen Christ,
      Fr. James

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