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  1. Christ is risen! Great stuff! In a recent sermon, I renamed these wonders of technology “stupid phones”. I think they are contributing to the “stupidification” of society. It is even less likely now that many of the faithful will want to stand in even a one hour service, because they have such an eroded attention span, and their mind is cluttered with trivialities.

    So far, I have rarely heard a phone go off in church, thank God.

    • Fr. James Coles

      We had a phone go off yesterday. It happens fairly frequently. I have even heard of a priest (2 Cor. 12:2) who had to speak to a parishioner after a service because they had their ear piece in and the light was on. They kept checking the phone as they were waiting for a call. Disturbing.

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  3. Christy Bronson

    Ok, this one made me laugh! However, it is sad as well. There are so many times when a kind smile or a few friendly words would likely be the only connection one may ever have with another particular person ever; and who knows what good could potentially come from that connection? Instead we pass one another with eyes glued to a piece of hardware. I try to keep mine put away and use it respectfully away from others. And my kids DON’T have them!

  4. SO TRUE!
    Living in NYC + riding my bike all over town i witness
    8 out of 10 people holding a cell phone!! When i ask a question to a stranger who is hooked up with headphones they do NOT hear!

    Most folk treat their gadgets like GODS! Worst of all, everyone appears to be somewhere ELSE instead of being present here + NOW.

    • Fr. James Coles

      “Worst of all, everyone appears to be somewhere ELSE instead of being present here + NOW.” Boy, that is THE problem. over entertained without joy, over connected without intimacy.

  5. Thea

    When a cell phone interrupted the sermon during Divine Liturgy recently, our priest said in his booming voice, “that better be God calling”!

  6. Good reflection on how technology changes (or distracts us) our attention, focus & relationships.

    To counter this “law” I recommend a booklet entitled “tyranny of the urgent”. Unfortunately I can’t recall the author; it might be on line. Itdefinescthe urgent (immediately necessary stuff that needs to bedealtwith) from the “important”.

  7. Rebecca Matovic

    Good topic — the degree to which we each live in our distracted and separate worlds is quite disturbing.

    But on the topic of cell phones and church, I’ll confess publicly to having been responsible for a really bad one …

    A few years ago, I was up at SVOTS for their lenten retreat. I’m always very careful to turn off my cell phone going into church, but I guess being in a different place than usual, I just forgot. My husband knows not to call me during service times, but I guess didn’t quite register that the day started with liturgy. I generally leave my bag over on the side of the church and stand in the middle. The ringtone I had set for his calls was “oo-blah-dee-oo-blah-da, life goes on” … you see where this is going.

    The first time he called, I decided to play dumb and ignore it until it went to VM (from embarrassment), the second time, I walked over and silenced it.


    I thought I had a big, red C on my forehead, but at lunch my godmother and a couple of people at the table mentioned the phone without knowing it was me … I did own up.

  8. Jerry Schollian

    good point

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