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2011 Summer Unplugged: My Media Fast

I have not been blogging much lately and I thought the time had come to share about my little summer experiment. Beginning today I am committing to a media fast.

What’s does a media fast look like?

  • No Facebook: I will still receive personal messages as emails
  • No Twitter
  • No newspapers
  • No news or church gossip websites
  • No news radio
  • No blog posting
  • No Television: Versus and Netflix excluded
  • No responding to non-urgent email or voice mail except one, 1 hour session everyday

Why abstain from all that information?

I am tired and distracted. I have done this to myself. I have been sleeping with my phone on “in case of emergencies.” I have been reading about national and Church politics and what people eat for dinner and what mall and restaurant they are visiting and I am fed up with my lack on peace. It’s not you, it’s me. I have taken in too much information. Bleh.

What am I going to do instead of reading about Arnold Schwarzenegger and the OCA?

I intend to listen to music, read, write, hike, play the Ukulele everyday and play and pray more with the family.

God bless and keep you this summer! Christ is Risen!

Fr. James



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