showing up for great lent

No one can attend all of the services in Great Lent. But with a little plan everyone one of us can attend some of services.

There is simply no excuse for not making Lent first of all the time for increased attendance of and participation in the liturgy of the Church. Fr. Alexander Schmemann

Given that everyone and every family has different schedules and responsibilities we must all make our game plan in order to give sufficient spiritual care and attention to our  lives during this season of joy and fasting.

Fr. Alexander Schmemann suggests the following schedule as priority of participation as we begin Lent:

  • Forgiveness Vespers this Sunday immediately following Divine Liturgy. This is one of the great spiritual events of the entire year for our mission.  He says that nothing better reveals the meaning of Lent as the crisis of repentance, reconciliation as we embark together on this common journey.
  • Attend at least once or twice the Great Canon of St. Andrew prayed during the first week of Great Lent.
  • Then it is imperative that we give at the very least one evening a week to attend the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts. We need to fast this day and come with expectation of judgment and joy. If we only do what fits into our lives without even putting forth minimal effort we are not taking our religion seriously.

This schedule, according to Fr. Schmemann, will bring the necessary inspiration and help and make the fast meaningful and effective.



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2 responses to “showing up for great lent

  1. Barbara Landregan

    It was a blessing to attend the Liturgy and Forgiveness Vespers today.

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