No Secret Closets: Living An Open Life

Every once in a while there will be a news report about a man (usually it is a man) who was able to maintain two separate families without them knowing about each other. I have always found it astounding that someone could live two completely separate lives and pull it off at least for a little while. Those are the extreme cases of hiding and cheating. And while most of us can not fathom that degree of deception it is easy to try to keep some things stored in a dark secret closet of our hearts and minds that no one is permitted to enter. Many of us have some degree of trouble with the essential condition that we must have at least one person we fully trust and that we must open up every part of our hearts and souls to them.

Today we are looking at number 8 of the 10 Essential Conditions for coming to know God’s truth and finding life by Fr. Tom Hopko.

The person should open their life fully to at least one other trustworthy person, telling absolutely everything, without editing or hiding anything: their thoughts, dreams, temptations, actions, sins, fears, anxieties, etc.

  1. Pray that you find someone trustworthy and share the entire story of your life, include everything. This person may be a pastor, a professional counselor or a friend.
  2. Make a regular and fearless confession to God with another person present without shame and without blame.
  3. Knowing that sin has power in secrecy, live an open, honest and transparent life.
  4. Answer this question, “What can I not share for fear of losing face, friends and/or faith?”


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2 responses to “No Secret Closets: Living An Open Life

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  2. I’m trying to do this on my blog. It’s me, what I think, what I’ve done–warts and all. My reputation is in His very capable hands.

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