Dangerous and Not an Option

I have been blogging on the “10 Essential Conditions for coming to know God’s truth and finding life” by Fr. Tom Hopko. I read these in a sermon a few weeks back and when I got to #5 there was not a sound in the church. We have about 125 to 150 people in church and a third of them are children. But, when I got to this essential condition it was completely silent. Here it is:

The person should abstain from all sexual activity unless they are married and expressing love (and not just having sex). There should be no TV or Internet porn. If sex is an addictive problem, they must take steps to get formal help.

Not everyone is bit by this bug, but almost. Sexual sin is rampant and it is debilitating. The Church needs to address this temptation more often than we do. I like #5 because it is refreshingly straightforward. I think most people consider porn an option. But it might be helpful to think of it like heroin: dangerous and not an option.

In times of sexual temptation it is helpful to distract and not engage the thoughts further. I did find this prayer rule for purity that might prove helpful.

The teaching of the fathers is also helpful: when we fall we get up and every time we fall we get back up.


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  1. So much of our entertainment has sexual reference to it…like soft porn, even ads in newspapers. All of this can cultivate the desire for more, no? My wife and I have made it a rule not to watch R rated movies unless it is a big hit:) and to keep it simple with TV. This does not guard us like the teachings, fellowship, and sacraments of the church does, though. The life of the Church needs to live itself out in each of our lives. No one is exempt from guarding themseleves from sexual temptation though. I did read something about Orthodoxy and sex and how sex is in some ways not natural; that after the fall things changed.

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