Are you Willing to Give it Up?

Scholé has been looking at Fr. Tom Hopko’s 10 Essential Conditions (found here) for coming to know God’s truth and finding life. Today we consider the 4th essential condition:

The person must eat good foods in moderation. A couple of days a week (like Wed and Fri) the person should fast; eating much less than usual. During this search the person should abstain from all alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Except a minimal amount of wine with meals. If overeating or drinking, smoking or drug taking is a problem the seeker must get formal help, like, for example, a 12 step program.

Let’s clarify that these conditions are for the person who is seeking to come to know, love, trust and follow God, maybe for the first time or for the first time in a long time. But this 4th condition is helpful for everyone regardless of their stability and longevity in the spiritual life.

This essential condition seems straight-forward to me. Is it? We give up our dependence on chemicals, we get help, we abstain and our dependence on God grows. We begin to hear our hearts more. We begin to hear God more.



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2 responses to “Are you Willing to Give it Up?

  1. Linda Belthius

    I am so enjoying your blogs..Thank you for putting such meaningful thoughts into words..
    Peace Always,

  2. Robert Joost

    I have just started Orthodox Fasting as way of life. Right now, it takes a little will power. As time goes on and it becomes a part of my life, it’ll take less will power and become just what I am and do as a good life habit. On the one hand, giving up eating habits developed over a lifetime; on the other hand, “evolving”, growing into a new life in Christ.
    I appreciate all your posts, Father James, and look forward to grow in the Parish.

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