Thank You Charles Dickens!

Night before last my wife and I finally found ourselves sitting down at 10 p.m. Things have been hectic. We are living a list of things to get done. Bah! We did make time a couple of days ago for a game of Monopoly with the kids. And, yes, my 2nd grader won… again. Even that wasn’t as merry as it could have been given all the shushing, and stop doing thats. In an effort to chill out, I turned on the TV and stumbled on a new-to-us version of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Patrick Stewart as Scrooge, excellent! Even more excellent is that the dialogue is straight from the novel. After an hour it was time for bed and we had to turn it off. We never got past the first of the three spirits.

I went to bed remembering that we have a collection of Dickens that includes, A Christmas Carol. I began reading it today for the very first time. I am reading it like it holds the key to unlocking something. I am hungry to learn Scrooge’s lesson for myself. I am not Scrooge, not even by a long shot. I love Christmas. I have a heart for the poor. But, still, there is a lesson for me (and maybe you). I do not make merry, not anymore. I do not share myself, or my stuff like I could. I know how the novel ends but I am reading it hoping to emerge with heart and hands more open. And, in this way, to be more like the One I love.

What wonder should fill us! If we could cast ourselves back 2000 years… In just a couple of days the world will be different.

The world that had been for thousands of years like lost sheep has now been found, taken upon His shoulders by the Son of God become the Son of man. Our God is with us! The unbridgeable gap that sin had created between God and man was now finally bridged; God had entered into history, God Himself had become man. God had taken flesh, and all things visible, what we perceive in our blindness as dead, inert matter, could in His body recognize itself in glory. Something absolutely new had occurred, the world was no longer the same. Met. ANTHONY Bloom

I am anticipating this wonder in a new way. Thank you Charles Dickens!


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One response to “Thank You Charles Dickens!

  1. Joan Kirkpatrick

    Thanks, Father James for lifting my eyes upward!

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