New Testament Challenge 2010

New Testament Challenge 2010 for the Nativity Fast

During the Nativity Fast, beginning tomorrow, I am encouraging my parishioners and readers to undertake an exercise (ascesis) in reading Scripture, which Fr. John Peck in Prescott, AZ calls “The New Testament Challenge.”

It’s really not all that challenging, but for someone who has never read the entire New Testament before, it is an excellent time for just such an exercise. Beginning Nov. 15th, we will do the 40 day reading schedule alone – together

This makes the entire Nativity Fast a time of real devoted ascetic effort and spiritual growth. It is especially appropriate as the term Advent, basically implies a preparation and anticipation of the Second Coming of Christ. Notice, on Christmas Day, one is finishing Revelation!

As a community we will count down the days of the Nativity Fast by not only keeping the fast of the church but by committing to this spiritual exercise. What do you say?

New Testament Challenge

40 Days

1. Matthew 1-7

2. Matthew 8-12

3. Matthew 13-18

4. Matthew 19-24

5. Matthew 25-28

6. Mark 1-4

7. Mark 5-8

8. Mark 9-12

9. Mark 13-16

10. Luke 1-3

11. Luke 4-7

12. Luke 8-11

13. Luke 12-16

14. Luke 17-21

15. Luke 22-24

16. John 1-5

17. John 6-10

18. John 11-16

19. John 17-21

20. Acts 1-6

21. Acts 7-10

22. Acts 11-16

23. Acts 17-22

24. Acts 23-28

25. Romans 1-8

26. Romans 9-16

27. 1 Corinthians 1-9

28. 1 Corinthians 10-16

29. 2 Corinthians 1-13

30. Galatians – Ephesians

31. Philippians – Colossians

32. 1-2 Thessalonians

33. 1 -2 Timothy

34. Titus – Philemon

35. Hebrews 1-10

36. Hebrews 11-13 & James

37. 1- 2 Peter

38. 1 John – 3 John

39. Revelation 1-11

40. Revelation 12-22



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5 responses to “New Testament Challenge 2010

  1. I did this last year on your recommend Father James, and I have to say it was a revelation 🙂
    Not just the reading of the whole NT, but also the formation of the good habit of spending 15-30 minutes a day with the Bible. 15 minutes is all you got – just read the day’s section. Got 30 minutes? Read it with all the notes in the OSB and maybe follow up the OT references.
    This year I am just finishing up reading the whole bible, OT and NT together, using the list from Thomas Nelson for the OSB. I would not have considered that without the NT Challenge.
    KYRH, Richard.

  2. Liesl Coffin

    This is perfect timing Fr. James. I’m taking a New Testament course by correspondence right now, and having some difficulty balancing my reading about the NT with my reading of the NT. So now I have a game plan. Thanks!

  3. I’m also praying the Psalter for the Nativity Fast, so this would be an excellent companion 🙂

  4. Tim

    Father, bless!

    I’m taking the challenge too! It has been a while since I’ve really read the NT, let alone in a predetermined amount of time. Hopefully, reading it all in 40 days will open up my eyes to things unseen.
    Thanks for the suggestion, Father!

    Kissing your right hand,

  5. Darlene

    Our church is not on such a strict schedule. Instead, Father has challenged everyone to read the four Gospels by Christmas. Our parish would be overwhelmed if challenged to read the entire NT.
    Having come from a Protestant Evangelical background, reading the Bible regularly was part and parcel of our tradition. Now, I am thankful to read Holy Scripture in light of the Orthodox Church’s Tradition.

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