What I Did at the Monastery of St. John

This is the third and final post from my visit to the Monastery of St. John in Manton, CA. Outside of services and meals I spent time visiting with the brothers, other guests, and time in solitude to pray, hike with the monastery dogs, read and write. Monastery visits are not typical vacations but they give one a chance to “look around.”

Here is a glimpse of what the hike looks like…


Cairn marks the beginning of the hike



Little Cabin in the Woods for One



Next stop on my dog walk: The monastic version of Beginning with the End in Mind. Unoccupied graves.



They know the way



Last stop on the hike: St. Seraphim's Rock




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3 responses to “What I Did at the Monastery of St. John

  1. Thanks for taking us there with you.
    There’s always so much to discover when you are in looking around, out, and in.
    Bless you.

  2. Jim Truscott

    Fr. James:
    Thank You for sharing some very THOUGHT provoking pictures! I esp. liked the cabin in the woods for one!

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