A Few Drops of Blood Redeem the Whole Universe

What the Cross Says About God

The scandal of Christianity is the Cross because of what it says about God. The Cross means God, the all-powerful, is the humblest and most compassionate of all. He is so compassionate that he humbled himself and became a human being in order to rescue us from death, sin and the devil, not by engaging them in some kind of mortal combat, by force of power, by a show of might, but by opening himself to ridicule by friend, family and foe and ultimately to the most serious kind of injustice, torture and death at the hands of the very creation upon which he showers his love and affection. Knowing what he would suffer at our hands he still came.

Theophilus of Antioch wrote that God “leaped” outside of His inaccessible nature to become wholly accessible, completely vulnerable, to become one of us so that we might be wholly united to him. Thus He issued an invitation, “Come to me all ye that labor and are heavy laden…and ye shall find rest.” By coming to us He made it possible for us to go to Him. Otherwise communion would be impossible.

And not only did He come to us in the flesh, He went even further in demonstrating His love. He took upon Himself all our suffering, all our sins, even our death by laying down His life for us on the Cross. The ultimate revelation of the depth of God’s limitless love is the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It was necessary for us that God should take flesh and die so that we might have new life…Nothing can equal the miracle of my salvation; a few drops of blood redeem the whole universe. St. Gregory Nazianzus



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4 responses to “A Few Drops of Blood Redeem the Whole Universe

  1. Holy St Gregory, pray unto God for us. Oh what great mystery the redeeming power of the Cross!

  2. David Felker

    Fr. James here is an evolving concept (human framing) to think about God being inaccessible. It is not because God has set us apart nor removed Himself from us. Rather, that we, by choice, have moved ourselves from three dimensions into a two dimensional framework. Thus we have made God inaccessible by our own restrictions.

  3. Jim Truscott

    The metaphor? Good job!

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