Soul and Body United with the Living God

This Sunday, August 15, the Eastern Orthodox Church remembers the falling asleep of the Mother of God.

Through remembering the death of the Mother of God we are shown that not only is the soul, the inner being and spirit of man, so created by God that it can contain the mystery of a meeting with the living God, but that the body is also made in an unfathomable way that it can be united with the living God. The Theotokos believed in God and she gave herself to Him with a pure mind and pure heart with an unwavering will and with the purity of Her virginity and life. According to St. Peter we also are called to become partakers of the divine nature; according to St. Paul our vocation is to become temples of the Holy Spirit through baptism and through Holy Communion. How wonderful this is, and therefore with what reverence must we regard not only our immortal soul, but this body of ours which is called to rise again, to enter the Kingdom of God and be glorified.

For more information regarding the “Falling Asleep” of the Mother of God see:

What Can We Learn From the Falling Asleep of Mary

Part of the above is from Met. ANTHONY Bloom

©2010, Fr. James Coles


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