Scholé is Out For Summer

I set out a year ago to write about the proper use of time. This blog was born out of a solo camping trip to the Grand Canyon. A couple of weeks ago I went and hiked it again. It was so nice! I long for more distraction-free time for reflection, creative investigation, prayer and meditation. Funny thing, this blog about the proper use of time has not always been a proper use of time. I can so easily find distractions. I have written about solitude instead of extending my time in solitude.
This blog’s blogger has decided to take a summer vacation from blogging about the proper use of time and try to have some. I will continue to respond to comments and requests. I do expect to begin again in August but one never knows.
Thank you for reading. May God grant you mercy, life, peace, health, salvation and visitation.



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8 responses to “Scholé is Out For Summer

  1. David Felker

    I pray you well for this hiatus!

  2. Thank you for the writing you’ve done. Enjoy your summer.

  3. Jim Truscott

    Have a good Summer Fr.!

    I missed something in the sentence “instead of extending my in solitude.” S/b “Instead of extending my TIME in solitude?”

  4. bob

    i have really enjoyed your blogging and look forward to your return. i especially liked the dorotheos series, as i am a new catecumin/convert from pentecostal background. i also seek solitude and am on a 6 week volunteer program in yosemite national park and find a lot of time to spend alone, and that those times are very special and precious and seek the Lord’s direction.
    the Lord be with you

  5. Joan Litman

    I too am grateful for this blog, and am thankful that you can make time for rest and reflection.
    I will be on sabbatical in Syria next year and pray that your sight is available there.

    God’s blessings!

  6. Joan Kirkpatrick

    Thanks, as always, Fr for great insight and thought provoking blogs. I will miss them but agree with your reasons.. blessings on your journey.

  7. Balance, balance, balance . . .

    Thank you for the reminder to keep our own tall stack of plates well balanced.

    And the best way to lead is by example, isn’t it?

  8. Doug Brill

    Great site. Your words give evidence it the fact that you spend much time with the Master. May he grant you peace and wisdom as you sojourn this summer. Blessings

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