Getting Choked Up on Pentecost

Today is Pentecost.
Those in my congregation know that I get choked up. I never see it coming and it always humbles and often embarrasses me. Sometimes this happens during sermons or the reading of the Gospel. Today it happened when I prayed Kneeling Vespers. Kneeling Vespers is about 45 minutes long and its main feature is everyone kneeling while the priest, also kneeling and facing the congregation (both of which are unusual in the Orthodox Church) prays 7 long prayers. I pray these prayers every year but I do not review the prayers before I pray them aloud. So the last time I prayed them was 365 days ago. They are so personal and beautiful.

This is the part that got me today:

For thou art the Brightness of the Father, the express Image, inalterable and immovable, of his essence and nature, the Fountain of wisdom and grace. Open thou also the lips of me, the sinner, and teach me how I ought and for what I must pray. For thou knowest the multitude of my sins, but thy compassion shall overcome the enormity thereof. For lo, in fear I stand before thee; into the sea of thy mercy have I cast the desperation of my soul. Govern my life, thou that governest all creation with thy wisdom, O tranquil Haven of the storm-tossed, and make known to me wherein I should walk.



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8 responses to “Getting Choked Up on Pentecost

  1. Glad to hear you can still get choked up during prayer. That is a good sign.

  2. how beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing this part of the prayer.
    Blessed Feast day Father!

  3. Maarit

    Thank you Fr. James,
    that prayer got now me, too.

  4. This is like a prayer I try to pray on my own each day. I like the formality of this one.

    Thank you for sharing it!

    How can I get the entire Kneeling Vespers Prayer?

  5. Christy Bronson

    I attend a Byzantine Catholic church, where we also prayed these kneeling prayers and I was especially moved as well. Thank you for sharing this portion, Fr. James.

  6. The kneeling prayers are a beautiful gift in the Church. Thank you for sharing an excerpt here.

  7. Fr. James Coles

    Thank you all for the comments.
    Blessings in the Lord,
    Fr. James

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