If thine eye be single thy whole body will be full of light. Matthew 6:22

Recollection is a spiritual tuning of our soul. We mostly know what true recollection is, according to Merton, by it’s effects: peace, interior silence, tranquility of heart. But recollection is not concentration. They can exist together. But, concentration is what the mind does. The mind can concentrate on a single thought and still be tense, grow anxious and be focused on the self. Recollection is an action of the heart. Recollection makes us fully present, awake and alive to God, others and ourselves. What kills recollection? Preoccupations, worldly cares and anxiety sink recollection every time. Which is the same as saying anything that diminishes faith kills interior silence.


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  1. Lenore Wilkison

    Desperately necessary and desperately difficult.

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