Dropping In Again

My view from Plateau Point on Bright Angel 2007

Tomorrow morning I am leaving at O’dark 30 to head to the Grand Canyon. I am revising a New Year’s Resolution I made to hike it from Rim to Rim again this year. I decided against it since my friend can’t Rim to Rim with me until 2011. And since the North Rim is still snowed in and officially does not open until May 15th tomorrow I plan to:

  • Drive 230 miles to the Grand Canyon
  • Hike 6.8 miles down South Kaibab Trail
  • Hike 9.3 miles up Bright Angel Trail
  • Drive 230 miles home

I need the open road, solitude and challenge. I really need to spend the day with the Lord. I am bringing my tent and bag just in case I need to spend the night. A year ago I soloed the Kaibab Trail rim to river and back. It was on that trip that I wrote “Why I Do It” and decided to begin this blog. Thank you to all who have read Scholé I am humbled and grateful.

From my 2008 Rim to Rim - And no, we didn't ride we hiked.



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3 responses to “Dropping In Again

  1. Don’t forget the skateboard! 🙂

  2. Tami

    Will be thinking of you. Safe travels

  3. Jim Truscott

    I understand the need for solitude Fr. –but please have a safe journey!

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