Spiritual Principles That Guide My Leadership

Back in seminary, in the days when people wrote down personal mission statements, we were asked to write down a personal mission statement. I launched into my novella. My personal mission statement grew easily to a paragraph.  I nailed it! I was definitely going to get an A! Beaming with pride, I looked over to my friend, Fr. Noah, (that’s right, I name names) and asked how it was going and he shared his with me. Fr. Noah had only written three words: helpful, humble and prayerful.

A friend asked me this week what were the spiritual principles that guide my leadership. I stole Fr. Noah’s.

  • helpful
  • humble
  • prayerful
  • available (I added this one)


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9 responses to “Spiritual Principles That Guide My Leadership

  1. I’m not certain whether I should give you thumbs up or repent of this point myself…

  2. Fr. Noah is da man, sounds like him.
    Love your posts, some more than others, of course.

    Christ is Risen!

    Fr. Stephen Lourie

  3. I think I know who you sat next to that day. May God continue to introduce us to people who call us towards Himself.

  4. s-p

    They look like good guides for life in general. Thanks!

  5. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” (Colton, probably)

    I thought you might add: balanced? Fr Skateboard.

    • Fr. James Coles

      Now that you say it, balance is so obviously missing from my leadership and my life. I am working on balance all the time.

      • But if you go down this road, almost every goodly attribute will get added. 🙂

        I would say that your writing, at least, is most balanced, available, prayerful, humble, and for me at least, helpful.

        Kissing your hand,

  6. Jim Truscott

    Good guidelines for all of us?

  7. Fr. Noah

    Thanks for reminder and the addition. I’ve been struggling with “available” in its many aspects: God, wife, children, parish, health…

    I love you, Fr. James, and miss you very much!

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