Bright Week

Bright Week, also called Renewal Week, is the first week following the Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, which is celebrated each year at Pascha. It ends the following Sunday, the Sunday of St. Thomas. For Orthodox Christians Bright Week begins a period of celebration that continues for fifty days until Pentecost.

Christ is Risen!

This celebration includes the practice of the faithful joyously greeting each other with the salutation of Christ is risen, followed by the response indeed He is risen or truly He is risen, as the whole of creation is renewed by Our Lord and Savior. The services of Bright Week are done with the Royal Doors fully open. This unblocked view of the altar symbolizes the open door of Christ’s empty tomb as well as the rent veil of the Jewish Temple, which was torn apart at the moment Christ died.

No Fasting

The entire week is considered to be one continuous day and the main reason why fasting is completely prohibited to all Orthodox during the week.

Funeral services

If it is necessary to conduct a funeral during Bright Week, this service follows the format for Paschal Matins, with only a few funeral hymns being chanted.

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2 responses to “Bright Week

  1. Joan Litman

    Y desde Buenos Aires…. “Cristo ha recusitado.”
    “Verdaderamente recusitado.”

  2. PW

    I was just thinking on Monday that there should be something to continue the celebration of Easter. Thanks so much for this post!!

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