Lenten Book Club

Every year I lead my congregation through a book for Lent. Because we have services on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights in Lent, it is easy to follow along with short devotional-size readings. We have a brief teaching / discussion following these services. It is a great way to learn together. This is how it works: Every other year we read the Ladder of Divine Ascent by St. John Climacus. Next to the Bible, it is the most read book in the Orthodox Church. We alternate reading the Ladder with other excellent texts that we might not otherwise read. This year we are reading through Dorotheos of Gaza: Discourses and Sayings.

There are 22 mostly short chapters in the book and there are 22 services prior to Holy Week. If you are interested in reading along place an order for the book today. You can just follow the link by clicking the book.

We will discuss the chapters after the services on the dates indicated. Please be sure to read the appropriate chapter prior to the beginning of the service on the given day.


Mon. Feb. 15 Chap. I Renunciation (pp. 77-93)

Wed. Feb. 17 Chap. II Humility (pp. 94-103)

Fri.    Feb. 19 Chap. III Conscience (pp. 104-108)

Sat.    Feb. 20 Chap. IV Fear of God (pp. 109-121)

Mon. Feb. 22 Chap. V Need for Consultation (pp. 122-130)

Wed. Feb. 24 Chap. VI Refusal to Judge Our Neighbor (pp. 131-139)

Fri.    Feb. 26 Chap. VII    Self-accusation (pp. 140-148)

Sat.    Feb. 27 Chap. VIII Rancor or Animosity (pp. 149-155)

Mon. Mar. 1 Chap. IX Falsehood (pp. 156-162)

Wed. Mar. 3 Chap. X Traveling the Way of God with Vigilance and Sobriety (pp. 163-171)

Fri.    Mar. 5 Chap. XI Cutting Off Passionate Desires Before They Become Rooted Habits of Mind (pp. 172-181)

Sat.    Mar. 6 Chap. XII Fear of Punishment to Come and the Need for Never Neglecting One’s Salvation (pp. 182-191)

Mon. Mar. 8 Chap. XIII Accepting Temptations Calmly and with Gratitude (pp. 192-200)

Wed. Mar. 10 Chap. XIV Building up Virtues and Their Harmony (pp. 201-211)


Fri.    Mar. 12 Chap. XV The Lenten Fast (pp. 215-219)

Sat.    Mar. 13 Chap. XVI Commentary on an Easter Hymn of St. Gregory Nazianzen (pp. 220-226)

Mon. Mar. 15 Chap. XVII Commentary on a Hymn for the Feasts of Martyrs by the Same (pp. 227-233)


Wed. Mar. 17 Chap. XVIII  How the President Should Conduct Himself Towards the Brethren and They Subject Themselves to Him (pp. 237-240)

Fri.    Mar. 19 Chap. XIX Dialogue with the Cellarer (pp. 241-243)

Sat.    Mar. 20 Chap. XX Reply to Some Hermits Who Asked Him About Holding Meetings (pp. 244-248)

Mon. Mar. 22 Chap. XXI The Insensibility of Soul and the Flight of Love (pp. 249-250)

Wed. Mar. 24 Chap. XXII Maxims on the Spiritual Life (pp. 251-253)



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  1. What a great idea! I think I’ll repost it on my blog as well! I look forward to this! Thank you!

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