Storms Without Questions

Cardinal outside the breakfast window. Photo by Becky Morgan.

I flew int0 Memphis, TN Thursday night to speak at a teen retreat on, “The Storms of Life.” By Friday morning the retreat was cancelled due to, you guessed it, a huge winter storm. It has taken me $200 (I hope Delta takes itself out to a nice dinner) and 2 days to get back home. A good friend asked me, “Why would God have you come all this way just for a cancelled retreat?”

Not only do I not know the answer to that question, I don’t really have theological questions when events like these occur. We find ourselves in circumstances beyond our control and what is asked of us? When the storms of life alter our plans we are asked to be faithful, humble, prayerful and helpful. We are asked to live one real, whole and complete life in the midst of storms. Why did I travel to Memphis to spend all this money and time to get home?

  • I needed a break
  • I needed to practice being flexible and not in control
  • I needed to have a private dinner with my godson
  • I needed to be quiet for two days
  • I needed calm in the midst of the storm
  • I am glad to have had the morning to visit with friends over breakfast watching cardinals in the snow and listen to wind chimes like cathedral bells calling me to prayer.


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4 responses to “Storms Without Questions

  1. Chris

    Cardinals are my favorite bird. They remind me of home.

  2. Out of years of being quieted down by major medical problems, I to have learned to treasure your points!

  3. James the Brother

    Maybe those meanies at Delta aren’t so bad after all.

  4. Only God understands chaos. Humans just use probability theory, and so think they are wise.

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