Haiti: This Time It’s Personal

You who are strong, help the weak. You who are rich, help the poor. You who stand upright, help the fallen and the crushed. You who are joyful, comfort those in sadness. You who enjoy all good fortune, help those who have met with disaster. Give something in thanksgiving to God that you are of those who can give help, and not of those who stand and wait for it. – St. Gregory of Nazianzus

I am struggling a bit on how to answer the call. We collected money at my church this past Sunday. I texted $10 to the Red Cross. My congregation is making health kits that we will send off to the IOCC. But the Lord seems to be asking more.

My trip to Haiti in 1985 left a mark on me, on my life. Everyday since the quake I want to renew my long outdated passport and put myself in the position that I could go on a mission trip.

The appeal to help Haiti has gone out and you have heard it. Will you answer this call? That is a question I am trying to answer. What about you?



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2 responses to “Haiti: This Time It’s Personal

  1. Our church also took up a collection for Haiti. Our bishop has directed us to take up a collection every Sunday for the near future; it will be given to the ROCOR Fund For Assistance, which has also given $10,000 to the IOCC.

    I cannot agree with the faithful giving money to the “big guys”, such as the Red Cross, because they work through government channels, and Haiti is corrupt. They also are still assessing, and it is unlikely that they have given any money to the needy yet. Already, through the FFA, money has gotten directly in the hands of those who need it, without government interference. Fr Dcn Matthew Williams has been there, and assessed the situation for the faithful there (including ROCOR and non ROCOR parishes).

    See his report and news at: http://orthodox.net/redeemingthetime/2010/01/25/haiti-eartququake-relief-news-from-deacon-matthew-williams/

    This article also has links to the IOCC volunteer forms and the Fund for Assistance. I have volunteered to be a first responder, because of my medical training.

    It also has some names of those to pray for.

    Priest Seraphim

  2. I thought long and hard about how to send help. I had no idea if there was a local direct way of helping, so in the end I gave some money to the British Red Cross. I know it may take time to get there, and the ‘system’ will take a cut – all human institutions are corrupt to some degree.
    Something that touched my heart, a lady who I know lost her home in the recent flooding here was loudly asking everyone to help Haiti, she really knows what losing your home entails.
    We are all praying. The ancient Greeks had a word for the work of the rich to help society in general: leitourgia.

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