Chronos, Kairos and Panicos

Divine Liturgy is like stepping outside of time as we know it. When we think of time we usually think of the kind that is measured by clocks and calendars. But that is not the way time moves in the Liturgy. We can move from Chronos (chronological) to Kairos (God’s time). Liturgy is like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia. You enter into a whole new world/reality that runs on that different time.

We had our parish meeting yesterday following the Divine Liturgy. Most everyone stayed. Some, especially the diehard Dallas Cowboy fans who aren’t the pastor, left. Turns out the parish meeting was a much better use of time and not nearly the blood bath the game turned out to be. I got home just in time to watch my team pack up their bags and their season and head home.

The next thing I know I am making a list of all that needs attention in the next couple of weeks. Time screams to be filled up with nothing but duty, chores and work. The list got long enough to spill onto a second page and panic started to set in. I had just returned from the Divine Liturgy with it’s heavenly rhythm and it was already slipping away. I determined to let the Liturgy drift into the next few days. Exposure to kairos can redeem chronos. I have work to do (homeblessing season is like tax season) but not apart from the early morning time of prayer, Scripture, reading, writing and skating.

Time is so often treated like the enemy that we waste, manage, worry about and watch fly by. There are some who see time not as trying to enslave us but as God’s gift. I realize time as God’s gift in the Liturgy and I want to pull that Liturgical reality into the week.


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