Zaccheus and Homeblessings


Yesterday I was on the road, blessing homes. I like to visit with my parishioners in their homes. (For an explanation on why we have our homes blessed follow this link, Homeblessings.)

  • The priest makes a house call. He comes over and usually uses an end of the dining table as an altar placing there an icon, a cross and the holy water.
  • The service begins with the brief Trisagion prayers that conclude with the Our Father. And then the singing of the Troparia:

When Thou, O Lord, was baptized in the Jordan, the worship of the Trinity was made manifest! For the voice of the Father bore witness to Thee, and called Thee His beloved Son! And the Spirit, in the form of a dove, confirmed the truthfulness of His word. O Christ our God, who hast revealed Thyself and hast enlightened the world, glory to Thee!” Followed by the prayer mentioning Zaccheus: O God our Savior who was pleased the enter under the roof of Zaccheus bringing salvation to him and to all his house, as the same Lord also keep safe from harm all those who dwell here..

  • Then the priest sings the Troparion while sprinkling Holy Water and blessing the house. He goes to every bedroom, every bathroom, the office, the TV room, garage, and even the backyard. Every room is open to the priest. Just as every room in our hearts should be open to Christ to come in and bless. Everything in our hearts and minds should be blessable. So often it is not and yet the Lord wants to come in and redeem it. His very presence in our lives can be enough push to clean house. We clean our houses for the priest. We need to clean our hearts and minds for the Lord. Man, I do not know what people do without the sacrament of confession.

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One response to “Zaccheus and Homeblessings

  1. Reader John Herman

    Thank you, father, for blessing my humble home. I pray that each drop holy water will become a fountain of God’s grace.

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