Skateboarding 15 Days and Counting

My boys, John 11 and Sam 6, and I set a resolution to skateboard everyday in 2010. So far so good. We have only 350 days left. We go wheels down before school to erase the possibility that we would forget after school. Already one or both of them have come out of their bedrooms late at night asking if we skateboarded that day or not. We haven’t missed yet. John and I went 65 days in a  row last summer. But a year is a long time and things are going to be tricky when I have to do some traveling. One thing I am thinking about is that I have been ordained for 7 years and have gotten used to traveling in my blacks (Priest clothes). But, I have yet to travel in my blacks while carrying a skateboard. I can’t wait to overhear some guy in an airport somewhere say, “Well that’s not something you see everyday!”

Here are a couple of short videos to enjoy. The first one is of John putting on pads in my car at the skate park. He will call it the beginning of our documentary but I call it the doctor’s office. The second is of John and Sam both at Skate school this past week. Enjoy!



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6 responses to “Skateboarding 15 Days and Counting

  1. Joan Litman

    This is beyond wonderful…. Be there with the boys where all little boys want to be. And for every one person who sees you in the airport and comments– i.e. blacks w/skateboard, hopefully many many others will have their curiosity alerted. …. and a little window of God’s grace will open for them.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have this vision of Father James, full robed, skateboarding out of control towards down a road towards a set of factory gates shouting, at the top of his voice: “The doors, the doors!”.
    I think we Christians have to beware of becoming invisible in the great secular mess we call modern society. Hey World, we love fun too!
    Love the boys vids.

  3. Rachel Arnold

    I absolutely love this. I also envisioned you skateboarding in your blacks and the videos just made me smile. I miss getting flowers from John, I wonder if he remembers giving them to me? I hope all of you are well! I’m thinking about starting a blog too, yours inspires me.

    Love, Rachel

    • Fr. James Coles

      Thank you Joan, Richard and Rachel!
      Rachel – John was such a young kid while we were at seminary. I am sometimes surprised by what he remembers and what he can’t recall. As far as a blog – what’s your idea? Fr. James

      • I’m not totally sure what direction I want to go in yet… My journaling is usually just me clearing my mind. I’ve been thinking about going with a “life as a college student” type theme to start out and moving on to stronger topics as I gain experience. Any pointers will be most welcome!

  4. Rowe

    Ohhhhh….when you recently mentioned your goal of skateboarding every day with John and Sam, I thought you meant casual rolling along the quiet streets of your idyllic neighborhood. The second video shows, however, that John and Sam have moved it up a few notches on the danger scale. I’ll be praying to the patron saint of skateboarders for the safety of the male Coleses.

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