Resa Ellison has Departed this Life

My friend, Resa, fell asleep in the Lord today. Thank you to all who answered my call to pray. Would you please continue to pray? I am asking that He who trampled down death and made the devil powerless would give rest to the departed handmaid of God, Resa. With the spirits of the righteous made perfect, give rest to the soul of Thy servant, O Savior; and preserve it in the life of blessedness which is with thee, O thou who lovest mankind.

Here is the message from her mother that posted 30 minutes ago:

Loved Ones, As many of you already know, our beautiful daughter, Resa, has passed from this life to her joyful repose this day.  Our hearts are heavy with sorrow and rejoicing at the same time.   As you have so many times during the last eight weeks, we ask you to join us as we pray for forgiveness of her sins and rest eternal.  We will post at a later time the funeral arrangements.  Pray for us as we prepare to take Resa to church once again. With much love, Kh Linda.

Here is her story:

Wed. Nov. 4, Resa Ellison, choir director at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral in Minneapolis, sang at Vespers but was beginning to feel sick. On Thurs she went to the doctor and was diagnosed with probable H1N1.  He sent her home to rest. On Fri she felt pretty good but by Sat she was running a fever and on Sun Nov 8 she was admitted to Unity Hospital with H1N1 and pneumonia. Mon as her breathing became difficult, the decision was made to move her to the ICU. Her condition continued to worsen and by Tues evening she had to be sedated and put on a ventilator to breath for her.



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14 responses to “Resa Ellison has Departed this Life

  1. She has been much on our minds and in our hearts and prayers. May her memory be eternal and may her family find solace.

  2. Athanasia

    Memory eternal! Kyrie Elesion!

  3. Michele Elizabeth

    May this beautiful handmaiden of the Lord truly find rest, light and refreshment in His presence.
    Memory eternal!

  4. Rowe

    May the joy Resa is now experiencing in heaven somehow extinguish the sorrow many are experiencing here.

  5. Memory Eternal.
    It struck me in prayer this morning that Resa’s story has touched so many hearts, and in a little way it is like the story of the Holy Virgin. A handmaid of the Lord made a symbol of love though duty and submission. Of course, there are many dissimilarities too, but none the less it is clear that God makes wonderful things happen from what appears to us as a sadness. Miracles still happen, and we have seen them. Glory to Him.

  6. May God grant her eternal rest. Our prayers were not without effect, because she had 2 months of preparation for her repose. I will do my part, and commemorate her in all services for forty days.
    Priest Seraphim Holland
    Redeeming the Time Blog

  7. Zaharenia

    Dearest Family and Friends,

    The memory of Resa makes her works a stronger presence in our hearts – a source of Love and inspiration. I am thankful for learning about her –living memory. As many brothers and sisters before us who fell asleep in the Lord, may Resa be settled there – where the light and countenance of the Lord visits. I pray that loved ones grow peace from sorrow and a memory eternal for Resa! The Lord is in our midst.

  8. Monica

    God has required one more angel for his heavenly choir. A sweet girl will be missed ,but we will see her again..Have faith dear family and friends!

    Love and peace,
    Vancouver B.C.

  9. Fr. James Coles

    Thank you all for your comments. One of my friends made the comment to me in an email that he was in awe of Resa’s family’s faith and witness during these difficult two months. Their story has some significant tragedy in it and they rely on the Lord so powerfully. Thank God for them and may Resa’s memory be eternal!

    • R. DeJaynes

      Fr. James Ellison is my pastor, and I could not agree with you more. The family has indeed had so much tragedy in the past few years. But, they are truly a family of faith, and it is there that they find their strength. On Nov. 28, Fr. James came back to Urbana (in the midst of Resa’s illness) to Chrismate me and two other people he had been catechizing. With all that was happening, never once did he neglect his flock!

  10. Constantine Nasr

    Dear Family and Friends,
    We will always remember Resa’s warmth, friendship, energetic personality and love for her faith. It is inspiring that so many came to her in her time of need. We are deeply moved by her passing and pray that she will continue to pray for us from above and that her memory will inspire us all to live a better Christian life. We will miss you, and we will always remember you.

    Memory Eternal!
    Constantine & Mandy Nasr

  11. Memory Eternal. Many were praying for her at my church and when I told one of them the news she said commented that though she never met Resa, she felt touched by her and her life. Prayers for her continue.

  12. Grace

    My heart is with those who feels the pain of losing Resa…she is in the best place to be ever…may you find comfort in the Lord since all He did was end her pain…Glory to you…God, for your most precious mercy!

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