Please Pray for Resa Ellison

Christ is Born!  Glorify Him!

Resa and her boyfriend, Peter

My friend, Resa Ellison, went into the hospital November 4 not feeling well. She had H1N1 with pneumonia which quickly became life threatening. She had to be sedated and put on a ventilator to breath for her. She has been in a coma ever since.

Here is today’s report: Resa had a challenging night: her stats moved around quite a bit.  After comparing today’s x-ray with the past few days, the pulmonologist believes that Resa’s ARDS looks significantly worse.  The lower quadrants of her right lungs have collapsed.  This is not due to a NUMO.  He performed a Brochiostomy to extract any possible mucus blockage.  Resa’s nurse stated that the interior, upper quadrants of Resa’s lungs looked fine and highlighted that Resa did not crash during this procedure that required the vent to be temporarily disconnected.   They were able to determine that the problems in her lower right quadrants are not due to mucus blockage.  The pulmonologist presented Resa’s condition as very grave because he believes her ARDS is advancing.  On the other hand, the nurse attending Resa today felt that the good signs indicated we had reason to hope Resa could still recover.
I would ask you to consider interceeding on her behalf. Updates can be emailed to you daily by joining Caring Bridge here.



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7 responses to “Please Pray for Resa Ellison

  1. J.L.

    I don’t know her, but I will keep her and her family in my prayers.
    And it is called a pneumo, not a numo (short for pneumothorax). This means that a lung or portion of a lung has collapse and the air is being deposited into the thoracic cavity outside of the lungs. This can be caused by many reasons.

  2. Carol Vikos

    I am an Orthodox Christian convert living in Cape Town, South Africa. In August my brother’s wife landed up in exactly the same condition. She was pregnant and caught the H1N1 virus. The baby was born by c-section on August 13th, at 33 weeks (1,5 kg), and Nadia’s condition just went downhill from there. She also had to be put into an induced coma and was on life support for almost 1 month. I also asked as many people to pray as possible and I have no doubt that the thousands of people praying for her helped. It was a very difficult time as my brother and his 6-year old son have Aspergers syndrome and they didn’t handle Nadia’s condition well at all. They came to stay with me and my family, and three weeks later I brought the baby home (weighing only 1,8 kg), and sat night and day feeding her every 2 hours. The worst was watching people around Nadia in the ICU dying from the same condition. On several occassions they struggled to keep Nadia alive. The good news is that through the grace of our Lord, Nadia recovered. It has taken all this time to recover though, but she is fully recovered. In the beginning, when she was brought out of the coma she couldn’t speak, couldn’t walk, and struggled with pressure sores from lying there for all that time. The greatest gift this Christmas was having us all together. All glory to God!
    I have put our Christmas day photos up on my Facebook page . The lady holding baby Astrud is Nadia.
    Our family will definitely be praying for Resa, and for her family!!
    Carol Vikos

  3. Reader John Herman

    I will keep your friend, Resa, in my daily prayers, Father; and will remember her family as well. I trust that she is in God’s loving hands, as we all are; yet, we have been entrusted into one another’s hands as well. Our intercessions are so very important; not because we need to convince our compassinate and merciful Lord of anything, but because we are one another’s spiritual family. The fabric of our bonds of mutual love and respect and nurturance are woven in te spirit by prayer. Through our intercessions, Resa’s heart is upheld by our love, which is filled and fired by the grace of God. As we sustain one another in this life’s struggle, we discover that ‘My brother is my life!’ More than we will ever know, we are Resa’s spiritual ventilator; in her vulnerability, our intercessory prayers breath for her in the spirit. So…

    May our good and merciful God draw near her and fill her body, mind and spirt with life and health and vitality! May she hear our Lord’s voice call out “Talitha, coume!’ and be raised from her bed of sickness according to God’s perfect will, whether to life in this world or the world to come; and, whatever comes, may it be to her salvation and to the glory of God who saves her! Amen.

  4. Mena Salib

    Praying for her. May God heal all his children, according to His will.

    Really like the last post.. ‘we are Resa’s spiritual ventilator’

  5. Mitch

    I’m sorry to report that Resa passed away a little earlier today. May her memory be eternal.

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