Life of St. Herman of Alaska

From this day, from this hour, from this minute, let us strive to love God above all and fulfill His holy will.
St. Herman of Alaska

Saint Herman was born near Moscow in 1756. He joined the monastery at 16 and was known for often withdrawing into the wilderness to pray for days at a time. In 1794, answering a call for missionaries to preach the Gospel to the Aleuts, he came to the New World with the first Orthodox mission to Alaska. He settled on Spruce Island and here he not only brought many people to Christ by the example of his life, his teaching, and his kindness, sanctity, miracles and prophetic insight but he defended the Aleuts from the Russian profiteers attempting to take advantage of the people. He is called the Enlightener of the Aleuts, and has likewise been renowned as a wonderworker since his repose in 1837.

Blessed ascetic of the northern wilds and gracious intercessor for the whole world, teacher of the Orthodox Faith, good instructor of piety, adornment of Alaska and joy of all America, holy Father Herman, pray to Christ God that He save our souls.



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2 responses to “Life of St. Herman of Alaska

  1. Our parish is named for this wonderful Saint. Our Bishop told us a wonderful story about his last visit to Alaska. He was talking to some children and mentioned how many years it’s been since St Herman reposed and the children were completely stunned. St Herman is so alive in the lives these children that they believed he must have been living at a nearby Church!

    What a great Saint that watches over his spiritual children in this way, by the grace of God ever-present in their lives!

  2. Lenore

    Blessed feast day to my husband–and the snow is really cool!

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