Thankful to have discovered TWLOHA

Went to bed last night thankful for my family and my life. Last thing I read yesterday was about a non-profit called To Write Love on Her Arms. I want you to know about it. These movements: OCF, TWLOHA, and Invisible Children have captured the Gospel and my imagination. Here is their vision statement. Let me know what you think.



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3 responses to “Thankful to have discovered TWLOHA

  1. Wow! Well I was a little confused by the mysterious video as it explains very little of what the organization, TWLOHA, is. But then I Googled it and read their Vision/Mission Statement. Wow! A beautiful expression of love, and as you said, a rush of imagination, capturing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Fr. James Coles

    Thanks Allan for the comment – you were so right. I included a link to their vision statement in the post. The article in the Rolling Stone speaks of TWLOHA’s founder’s Christianity. Inspiring.
    The blessing of the Lord,
    Fr. James

  3. Laura Sergent

    Jamie and Renee came to Pepperdine my freshman year to tell their story and speak about the organization. It was great!

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