An Update about my friend Resa Ellison

A few days ago I asked for your prayers for my friend Resa Ellison. The doctors had exhausted all medical options except Nitric Oxide treatment, which they had little faith would work. They told her parents that she wasn’t likely to make it another 24 hours. That was Tuesday! Prayer requests have gone out and many have responded that they are praying for Resa. There was even a comment about Resa being prayed for at a charismatic prayer group in Malaysia today. I am writing tonight because Resa’s O2 numbers are up and she is doing better. She is still in critical condition, in a coma and very far from being out of the woods. But the Lord is hearing our prayers and she is showing improvement.

Here is part of the update that Resa’s mother just posted on Caring Bridge.

So many moments of joy today.

Her stats are hovering around 77 – 80, she is now tolerating spending time on both back & stomach.  Her O2 has reached into the 80s a few times this afternoon… The Physical Therapist has been doing some range of motion with her arms & legs and gave the little sisters something to do. They have been moving Resa’s arms & legs in an upward motion trying to move some of the fluid that has built up in her extremities. This has shown a great result getting some of the swelling down.  During the time they were massaging her legs, Sallie & Mary claim the highest reading of 88.

We are trying to contain our excitement and reminding ourselves that this isn’t over yet.  She is still in critical condition.  Still needs the prayers of the saints interceding for her. Still needs to hear her fight song!

Please pray for my friend Resa. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on Resa, who loves you and needs you. Grant all of our prayers that are for her life, health and salvation.



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7 responses to “An Update about my friend Resa Ellison

  1. ButterflyBeacon

    Thanks so much for the update…I will continue to pray God’s healing upon her.

  2. Natalia Nauman

    Fr. James,

    I have been following her updates so closely… I continue to pray for her, and I’m glad I can pray with you, as you have provided a prayer here on your site. I hope and pray her health continues to improve. She is loved and cherished beyond any way words can describe. God bless Resa.

    Thank you for sharing updates with us.


  3. Lord, have mercy! I will continue to pray.

  4. Thanks be to God! I’ll keep praying, and I’ll publicize her need on my own blog.

  5. Thank you for the update. I am remembering her at the liturgy, and in my poor prayers. I will let my parish also know about her.
    Priest Seraphim Holland
    St Nicholas, McKinney Texas

  6. Lorie Mundorf

    I am so sorry to hear of Resa’s passing. I have been following the updates on Caringbridge diligently and although I am not particularly religious, I have been praying often for Resa. She was loved by so many and touched so many lives! May all of her friends and family be surrounded by God’s love and peace at this sorrowful time.

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