Please Pray for my Friend Resa

I have not used my blog to make a prayer request before but I am doing so today. Resa Ellison needs your prayers. Her father is one of my brother priests. And she is a friend of mine who has fallen very ill. She is in ICU. She was admitted on November 9 and her condition has steadily declined. Her doctors are dealing with the very serious complications from H1N1 and a very aggressive Pneumonia. They have placed her in an induced coma, she has a feeding tube, continual nebulizer, a central line, and is now on experimental medication that was flown in from the CDC.  They have her in a rotating bed to try and give her lungs more space to raise her O2 levels.

Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Let us pray to the Lord!

O Lord Jesus Christ, the healer of our souls and bodies visit our sister Resa, who is very ill, and have mercy on her.  Stretch forth your arm that is full of healing and health, and raise her up from her bed and her illness. Put away from her the spirit of disease and of every malady, and pain, and fever. And if she has sins, grant her remission and forgiveness, because you love her. O Lord, remember Resa. Unto thee we ascribe glory, together with thy Father who is from everlasting, and thine all-holy, good and lifegiving Spirit: now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen



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20 responses to “Please Pray for my Friend Resa

  1. Lord hear our prayers for Resa. Praying your mighty presence to fill the room which Resa occupies. I pray your loving mercy to fill Resa with your healing power and strength. I pray against any interference by Satan’s hand or his demons. I pray that Resa be comforted by you and the prayers of those who love you and her. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

  2. I’ll keep her in my prayers as well.

  3. aaron haworth

    i will as well. this is heart wrenching.

  4. Father God we ask that Your healing virtue flow miraculously in Resa’s body. You are her Creator & know just what is necessary to reverse & restore her in this moment. We plead the blood of Jesus over her from the top of her head to the very soles of her feet. We ask that you surround her with ministering angels.
    We also lift up her parents and ask that You would bring peace, strength and comfort to them in this time of distress.
    While don’t dismiss the ability of the doctors to be agents of healing we acknowledge You as the Great Physician. Let your power and Presence permiate the entire hospital as Your Spirit fills every corner and crevice.
    In advance we give You thanks, honor, and praise.
    For we ask it in Jesus’ Name!

  5. I also have a friend in dire straits in the hospital. May God have mercy on those we love.

  6. nancy hon

    Will raise her name at our friday charismatic prayers all the way in Malaysia.

  7. MIchael Sakran

    The entire seminary is praying for our dear friend Resa.

  8. Fr. James,

    Dn. Michael and I are praying for her now. Through the prayers of all the mercenary healers, Lord have mercy and show yourself mighty on her behalf.


  9. Tony King

    OH Brother, this hits close to home as our eldest child, eerrr,… adult child (21yrs) is also in ICU today (recovery underway, thanks be to God)

    We will pray for Resa,.. pray for God’s amazing, outside of time, touch and healing of Resa,… we will plead.

    Tony and Carolyn King

  10. Natalia Nauman

    Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on Thy servant Resa.

  11. Adam Azar

    I am saddened to hear the news. I pray that everything will make a turn for the better. I will keep Resa and her family in my prayers and in my family’s prayers as well.
    May God watch over her and her family and keep them safe from harm.

  12. You do not say, and I think that she is Orthodox, but would like to know for sure. I will add her to my commemoration list in proskimidie if she is, and pray for her in any case.

    Priest Seraphim Holland
    St Nicholas, McKinney

  13. Sam

    your prayer request touched us. We are praying for you. We found this site helpful Check it; maybe it gives you a relief. God bless you.

  14. Diana Snell

    Resa, you and your family are in my prayers. God bless, Diana

  15. Many people in here in Ottawa Ontario are praying for her (she is a friend of one of my friends). Lord have mercy.

  16. Ron Lucarelli

    The Lord is merciful (how can He be otherwise?) and we speak to Resa in the authority that He gave us in His name: Resa, be healed!

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