The Divine Liturgy: For the Life of the World and For It’s Salvation

The Divine Liturgy is the common action of Orthodox Christians officially gathered to constitute the Orthodox Church. Orthodox Christians are assembled by God in order to:

  • to worship
  • to pray
  • to sing
  • to hear God’s Word
  • to be instructed in God’s commandments
  • to offer itself with thanksgiving in Christ to God the Father
  • to have the living experience of God’s eternal kingdom through Communion with the same Christ Who is present in the Eucharistic gifts and in his people by the Holy Spirit.

The Divine Liturgy is always done by Orthodox Christians on the Lord’s Day which is Sunday, the “day after Sabbath” which is symbolic of the first day of creation and the last day — or as it is called in Holy Tradition, the eighth day — of the Kingdom of God. This is the day of Christ’s resurrection from the dead, the day of God’s judgment and victory predicted by the prophets, the Day of the Lord which inaugurates the presence and the power of the “kingdom to come” already now within the life of this present world.

As the common action of the People of God, the Divine Liturgy may be celebrated only once on any given day in an Orthodox Christian community. All of the members of the Church must be gathered together with their pastor in one place at one time. This includes even small children and infants who participate fully in the communion of the liturgy from the day of their entrance into the Church through baptism and chrismation. Always everyone, always together.

Because the Divine Liturgy exists for no other reason than to be the official all-inclusive act of prayer, worship, teaching, and communion of the entire Church in heaven and on earth, it may not be considered merely as one devotion among many, not even the highest or the greatest. The Divine Liturgy is not an act of personal piety. It is not a prayer service. It is not merely one of the sacraments. The Divine Liturgy is the one common sacrament of the very being of the Church Itself. It is the one sacramental manifestation of the essence of the Church as the Community of God in heaven and on earth. It is the one unique sacramental revelation of the Church as the mystical Body and Bride of Christ.

As the central mystical action of the whole church, the Divine Liturgy is always resurrectional in spirit. It is always the manifestation to his people of the Risen Christ. It is always an outpouring of the life-creating Spirit. It is always communion with God the Father. The Divine Liturgy, therefore, is never mournful or penitential. It is never the expression of the darkness and death of this world. It is always the expression and the experience of the eternal life of the Kingdom of the Blessed Trinity.

This blog entry is a summarized and edited explanation of the Divine Liturgy from a more complete presentation on the Divine Liturgy at


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One response to “The Divine Liturgy: For the Life of the World and For It’s Salvation

  1. michaelcook

    A wonderful post. A short, simple and concise explanation of that which can never be fully explained; only experienced.

    Thank God for the richness of the Liturgy, and for the communion of the saints.

    again thank you.

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