Come, O Divine One

Come, O Divine One,

‘Unknown and yet well known’,

Let the cleansing eruptions of Thy Holy Fire

Fill my heart and mind with true knowledge of Thee;

That, in blazing light unapproachable,

Thy blinding glory may be shown–

Revealed, perfected, in me.

Scorch, again, my obsidian heart,

O God, So glassy and unfamiliar, has it grown!

Let me bravely endure the searing of Thy Spirit’s pyre

That unworthy eyes may, looking upon Thy face, truly see;

That, by Thy healing gaze, I may at last be able,

To ‘rise up and walk,’ no longer alone,

But with Thee.

O Perfect Love, well known,

Thy holiness pours forth from Thy throne!

Let me, wood in hand, face Jerusalem’s jealous ir

That, standing now amidst that terrible River of Fire, I may be free;

That, having stood in the furnace of Thy Justice, I may sit at Thy table

And, in Thy presence, this wandering sin sick soul may return home:

O unknown, O glorious and awesome, Mystery!

~ A Strannik of God~


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