The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Sterns

theholeinourgospelThe Hole in Our Gospel is an inspirational call to compassion and action from the president of World Vision, the world’s largest humanitarian organization. It was written to kindle a love of the world’s poor and that “others might see the things that break God’s heart” (page 146). His compelling argument is that any presentation of the Christian Gospel that does not concern itself with the world’s poor, diseased and oppressed is incomplete. His critique of the modern American Church is both effective and painful.

The introduction alone is so moving and so challenging that I was unconsciously trying to commit it to memory. As the book came to an end I could not wait to act on what I learned. The author convicts without overwhelming; a true razor’s edge. And maybe even more impressive is the appeal this book has across a diverse Christian landscape. I have heard Bono inspire with his call for this generation to win the war against HIV/AIDS and to end exteme poverty. But Richard Sterns employs the personal stories mixed with the staggering statistics and the Biblical direction needed to get on with that high calling.

I am a member of the Thomas Nelsom Book Review Bloggers Program. and I highly recommend this influential read.


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One response to “The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Sterns

  1. Great review. I too LOVE this book. It’s so well written, so compelling and it’s perspective is essential to those who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ.

    Our pastor, Fr. Stephen Rogers, has also finished the book and loves it so much that he’s ordering six copies to give away.

    Fr. Justin Matthews, of FOCUS North America, also loves it so much he’s giving away copies left and right. (See the video on FOCUS:

    May we truly LIVE the gospel and not just speak it.

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