Prayer Tomorrow Begins Today

I usually hike 5 times a week. This past week I was at a conference in San Jose, CA  and I only got one hike in. Yesterday was my first day back on my holy mountain (Camelback) and it was much more difficult. It got me thinking that the spiritual life is similar to physical exercise. Consistent, disciplined prayer builds prayer muscles. Prayer becomes easier to do when one is praying. Not praying is like taking a break from working out. It can be frustrating to start again but starting over is what following Christ is all about.

So, it’s time to begin and begin small. It is unwise to begin with all-night vigils. Pick a time and place and then give your heart, mind, soul and strength to the Lord without trying to impress Him or yourself or others. And remember prayer tomorrow begins today.

Today’s readings in the Orthodox Church: Acts 18:22-28, John 12:36-47


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One response to “Prayer Tomorrow Begins Today

  1. Sophia Kelly

    Good day Fr James,
    Long time no see. I was contemplating on your message about prayer muscles… starting over with God using my undeveloped prayer muscles…I find so much to say at first…just going blank I listen for God’s response to my requests. I thank him for all he does for me. I awknowledge he knows my needs better than I. I let him know that I feel redundant asking the over & over so many requests. I am challenged by the scriptures to ask and believe and it will be given to thee…I think God must get really tired of me asking the same things, I get tired asking for them. Thnx for your excerpts. I welcome a reply & your input. Love in Jesus Sophia

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