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imagesHere is a list of books that I have read this year, am currently reading and a book I had no business buying. If you are interested in buying any of them I have shamelessly added a link to purchase most of the books through my church’s store so we can get the kick back. Let’s start with the shortest category first.

Books I bought this year for my wife for Mother’s Day because my brain obviously doesn’t work right:

“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” By Jane Austen and some guy who ruins the story (at least that is what my wife says).

Books I have read this year:

“The Orthodox Study Bible”

What can one say, it is really, really good especially when read from sea to shining sea if you catch my drift (pun intended). Click here to order the Orthodox Study Bible


“Ladder of Divine Ascent” by John Climacus

Written by a great saint who was Abbot of St. Katherine’s Monastery on Mt. Sinai. He died around 600. This book continues to be read in all Orthodox Christian monasteries all over the world during Great Lent. My Church ( read this book together during Lent as we do every other year. Click here to order Ladder of Divine Ascent


“Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln” by Abraham Lincoln and Bob Blaisdell

Got tired, fell asleep and failed to complete but Amazon is selling it for $2 Click here to buy Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln


“Wild at Heart” by John Eldridge

One of those books that every guy should read and with Father’s Day coming – good gift. Click here to buy Wild at Heart


“Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis

Must read.  I am currently reading this weekly with a group of teens at my house on Tuesdays. One of the best hours of every week. Click here to buy Screwtape Letters


“Snow Falling on Cedars” by David Guterson

Fiction but not life changing and yet I couldn’t stop reading. Click here to Order Snow Falling on Cedars


“Way of Chaung Tzu” by Thomas Merton

I am unapologetic. While this may not be for everyone but Chaung Tzu predates Zen and he makes fun of Confucious surely that is worth the purchase price. Click here to Order the Way of Chaung Tzu


“The Truth About You” by Marcus Buckingham

Buckingham’s main point is that we should concentrate on our strengths instead of our weaknesses. He defines strengths not as what we are good at (or what other’s say we are good at) but what we enjoy doing. Click here to order The Truth About You

Books I Am Currently Reading:

“Death and the Rest of Your Life” by John Garvey Click here to order Death and the Rest of Your Life

“The Mystery of Christ: Life in Death” by John Behr Click here to order The Mystery of Christ

“The Noticer” by Andy Andrews I am reviewing this book for Thomas Nelson Publishers Click here to order The Noticer



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3 responses to “Books: Year to Date

  1. sarumtheologian

    “The Noticer” by Andy Andrews I am reviewing this book for Thomas Nelson Publishers – Hey same here. Will be reading it on holiday next week.

  2. Karen

    I want it to be clarified that your wife does not know if the guy ruined the book b/c she would not even think about reading it. What was read to me was definitely ruined though.

  3. Great reading list. I just finished another reading of The Way of the Pilgrim and am working on the Philokalia. I love C.S Lewis I have read whatever I can get my hands on and listen to his books when running. Tolkin is one of my favorites as is St. John Climacus. Les Miserables is a great book to read get it, read it, love it.