@PL144~Curious-Cat-Posters“In the case of “curiosity” the objects are things of passing interest which typically squander time better spent in pursuit of the other. Things that do not captivate us but, rather, we choose to hold onto – whose tangible reality have nothing to offer us in terms of understanding who and why we are, what we want and need, what we can provide to others, from where we came and where we are headed.” Mark D’Ercole from his comment on Regarding Schole: A Blog About the Blog.

Mark D’Ercole defines curiosity in the way we mean to use it. We are not defining curiosity as a desire to know and learn. Curiosity can be seen as inquisitiveness and undue interest in objects that reach out and distract us from the understanding Mark mentions above. Curiosity can turn a search for truth  for the reality of the way things are, into a vicious distraction and ultimately, enslavement. We so desperately need to contemplate, to think deeply and to listen to the Lord. But because we allow our minds to wander endlessly all the spare moments of the day we are unable to control our thoughts. Being aware of what we are thinking takes practice and courage but we are largely unable to muster the self control. Instead of watching our thoughts we fall into mindless TV watching, titillating magazine covers and whatever we can use to keep us distracted so that we are disconnected from reality. As an example; curiosity leads to time-sucking Internet surfing that can so easily lead to sinful Internet surfing. “Just as it is necessary to guard the mind from ignorance, so is it equally necessary to protect it from the opposite, namely from too much knowledge and curiosity. For if we fill it with a quantity of information, ideas and thoughts, not excluding such as are vain, unsuitable and harmful, we deprive it of force, so that it is no longer able to understand clearly what is useful for our true self-correction and perfection.” (Scupoli, Lorenzo. Unseen Warfare, Chapter 9)

Reading, writing, prayer, other serious thinking is work but it is leisurely, virtuous work. Play, exercise, relaxation, following a TV show and other pursuits aid  to living the good life and, in moderation, help us to be fully human and alive. Curiosity, on the other hand, distracts the mind from serious work and can even put the mind to sleep. Let us arise from sleep and live life to the fullest.


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